Insurance Telematics For Florida Drivers

Many Florida Drivers are frustrated with paying a lot for car insurance and are they are excited to learn about Insurance Telematics.

What is Insurance Telematics?

According to, “Telematics is a method of monitoring a vehicle. By combining a GPS system with on-board diagnostics it’s possible to record – and map – exactly where a car is and how fast it’s traveling, and cross reference that with how a car is behaving internally.” This allows your insurance company to monitor and assess the driving behavior of you, as a driver, via on-board technology which enables them to provide a much more accurate insurance rate, and a very specific understanding of risk.

Who is utilizing Telematics?

Car insurance companies that are excited to offer ‘usage based insurance’ policies or User Based Insurance. Before they are willing to offer lower insurance premiums to “Safe Drivers”, Insurance companies have to find ways of more accurately assessing risk. What better way than using detailed data from Telematics on how their clients actually drive?

Telematics for Florida Drivers

The transparent approach that telematics brings might seem too invasive for some insurers nervous of sharing their personal data. With that said, there are young drivers who are maniacs behind the wheel, yet there are many young drivers who are very safe and sensible behind the wheel. The current insurance market lumps them all together as being equally high liability. Telematics can change that. This is good news for drivers that are being lumped together with “high risk” drivers of the same age, gender or by where they live. Telematics can give them an opportunity to earn lower car insurance rates.

Now is the time to get educated about Telematics and ‘usage based insurance’ policy options! For more information contact an Erb and Young Insurance Agent today.

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