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Get The Right Insurance That Fits Your Needs and Budget

January 18, 2018

At Erb an Young Insurance, we focus on getting you the right insurance coverage that fits your current needs and budget. We offer you our dedicated personal attention, earned expertise and all the convenience of technology to provide you with the affordable protection that you want. Gain the peace of mind that you have the right coverage for your business, home, car and even your boat by discussing your options with your Erb an Young Insurance Agent

Here are three benefits of having a real person that you know and that genuinely cares about you to discuss your insurance policy, and any questions or concerns.

1) Minimize Financial Risks

What life changing events are happening in your life? Got Engaged? Pregnancy, planning a move, adding a pool, trampoline or doing other home improvements? Getting a Dog? All of these and many other factors can impact your insurance needs and create risks to you as a homeowner.
Insurance Companies sometimes put coverage limits on works of art, antiques, musical instruments, and cameras. You should be aware of any limits that may leave your coverage short and discuss major purchases with your Insurance agent.

Did you recently get a ticket?

In Florida, every traffic violation carries points that can be added to your permanent driving record. These points will put you in danger of increased insurance premiums and possible driver’s license suspension. To avoid a negative impact on your record and insurance rates, Florida’s has a four-hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course as an available option to reduce your fines and prevent the addition of points to your driving record.

2) Gain a Strategic Planning Partner

Your Erb and Young Insurance Agent is available to discuss your unique circumstances and financial goals.

Every business, home and driver has unique characteristics that must be analyzed when evaluating risk. There should be a discovery process that starts by understanding your circumstances and goals. Then begins the processes of developing a strategic risk management plan tailored to your needs. The plan should take into consideration such factors as long-term financial objectives, exposure to risk, tax strategies, cash flow, budget and for a business the management structure and actuarial projections.

Let us be your Strategic Planning Partner.

3) Avoid Personal Loss and Embarrassment
Many homeowners get caught up in wanting to close quickly and reduce expenses associated with buying their home that the details of their homeowners insurance policy are never fully discussed. Therefore, they remain unaware of risk factors until they have something happen. This has lead to financial loss and personal embarrassment.

Do you know what’s not covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy?
Did you take the time to read the dozens of pages of documents that you received

from your insurance company? Did you discuss and decide on all the inclusions and exclusions in your policy? While it is true that most don’t spend their leisure time reading the 30+ page policies that they receive in the mail from their insurance company, that is exactly what “someone” should be doing. That same “someone” should have discussed all the possible inclusions and exclusions before your policy was put together in your behalf. That “someone” is an agent that cares about you because they have gotten to know you personally. Let an Erb and Young Insurance Agent be the “someone” that will help you avoid personal loss and embarrassment.

What surprises most people is that most clients don’t necessarily pay that much more for a broader policy with better coverage and they gain the additional benefit of peace of mind

Please, contact your Erb and Young Insurance agent for exceptional service, rates and a FREE professional consultation. We focus on the relationship, not the transaction. Since we’re independent agents, our allegiance lies with YOU, not the insurance companies. Let us help you to avoid overpaying for a policy that is not providing the right coverage for you.

We Are Here to Make Sure You Get The Right Insurance That Fits Your Needs and Budget!

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