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Investment & Commercial Property Insurance

Real estate investing has been increasing in popularity in the past several years. Many people are choosing to own investment property instead of gambling their investments in the stock market. Owning real estate can benefit investors several ways including:

Regular income from tenants- Most investment properties are rental based investments. This means the property owner leases the property to tenants in exchange for rent. The rent generates a revenue stream for the property owner

Appreciation- Over periods of time the real estate values increase. Even with events like the 2008 recession, real estate has been a fairly predictable investment over the long term.

Erb and Young has the knowledge, products, and experience to provide coverage for residential and commercial investment properties.


  • Apartment Buildings
  • Quaduplex, Triplex, and Duplex
  • Single Family Rental Dwellings
  • “Fixer Uppers’ and Flips
  • Commercial:
  • Office Buildings
  • Strip Malls
  • Storage Units
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Centers
  • Retail Storefronts

Working with a knowledgeable agent is necessary if an investor wants the right coverage for their property. Some of the coverages an investment property owner might need are:

  • Building or personal property coverage
  • Liability coverage
  • Builder’s risk policies (for flippers or new construction)
  • Coverage for lost rent
  • Coverage for equipment breakdown
  • Workers compensation for maintenance or other employees

Agents writing coverage for investment properties should be able to analyze lease agreements to determine who is responsible for different property. Depending on the type of lease, any party could be responsible for insurance. For example, a commercial tenant may be responsible for the entire interior buildout of their office, retail, or warehouse space. The property owner would only need to cover the portion of the building that the tenant is not insuring. Some commercial leases completely transfer the responsibility for insuring the building to the tenant and the property owner doesn’t provide any coverage for the building.

Vacancy is another issue property owners and agents must handle. Many insurance companies have provisions that reduce or deny coverage if a property is over a specific percent vacant.

Many real estate investors do not end up owning just one property. Real estate investment companies could own hundreds of different properties. Companies that buy foreclosures or fixer uppers also may own and sell many different properties in a single year. Erb and Young can provide these kinds of investors a policy with a schedule or the ability to report each month the value of the properties currently in the investment portfolio.