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Commercial Auto Insurance

Businesses are constantly on the move delivering products, performing work, meeting clients, and making sales calls. Large companies and small businesses own vehicles and need commercial auto insurance. Erb and Young provides commercial auto insurance for businesses with fleets of semi-trucks to single employee contractors. Each size company has specific needs and require an experienced agency to get affordable coverage.

Large companies with fleets of vehicles have an obvious need for a commercial auto insurance policy. However, many small businesses may have cars, trucks or trailers improperly insured. Many small businesses have their vehicles insured on a “Personal” auto policy. If a vehicle is used for business, or titled to a business, a “personal” auto policy may not provide adequate coverage. Many personal policies exclude coverage for business use of cars trucks or trailers.

A few indicators that there may be coverage problems related to business use of a vehicle covered by a “personal” policy are:

  • Signage- Does the vehicle have permanent or temporary signage for a business?
  • Delivery- Is the vehicle used for the delivery of goods or products?
  • Trailers- Does the vehicle regularly pull a business trailer?

Certain vehicles also require special filings with the State or Federal Department of Transportation. When a vehicle is over a specific weight, it will need to be registered with the Department of Transportation. Vehicles that haul goods for hire and meet certain criteria also have additional registration and insurance requirements. Having an agent that understands the filings that are required will help business owners avoid headaches when dealing with government agencies.

Some businesses have a need for auto liability insurance, but don’t own any vehicles. These companies could be at risk and not realize it. Most general liability policies do not cover claims from auto accidents. Specific hired and non-owned coverage is needed to protect the business from these claims. Companies who might need hired and non-owned auto liability coverage may meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Employees use personal vehicles for sales activities
  • Employees rent vehicles while traveling
  • Employees use personally owned vehicles for deliveries
  • Employees use personal vehicles to run business errands
  • Businesses that rent additional vehicles for purposes such as meeting increased demand

Erb and Young agents don’t just help businesses get affordable auto insurance policies, they also help business owners take steps to keep their commercial auto insurance costs low in the future. Being proactive with claims, driver training, and safety can mean a difference of thousands in premiums. Erb and Young can provide businesses with the resources they need to proactively keep claims and insurance costs down.

  • Vehicle inspection checklists
  • Driver safety training resources
  • Company policy and procedures for drivers
  • Compliance resources
  • Accident reporting processes and procedures