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Lawn Care Insurance

Green, green, green everywhere! Central Florida is beautiful with its lush vegetation and landscape.

This subtropical paradise is green everywhere you turn. Whether it be lush vegetation surrounding our lakes or magnificent palm trees that line our beaches, there are not many places you can go where nature doesn’t follow. Quality lawn care is essential for nearly every homeowner in the area. Not to mention the vast amount of commercial lawn care and landscaping needs as well. Local, quality lawn care contractors are essential to maintaining this beauty throughout the area.

Each operator is as unique as the properties they serve and rely on a quality insurance program to help mitigate many different risks.

Here at Erb and Young, we specialize in helping lawn care professionals do just that by:

  • Identifying these risks through our unique discovery process
  • Preparing a simple, but unique, strategic plan. This plan focuses on helping each lawn care contractor look as risk-adverse as possible to the insurance marketplace.
  • Shop that insurance marketplace to find the best rates for the specific insurance products needed.
  • Help implement risk management practices for our clients to prevent future claims.

Understanding the different types of work performed is the first step to understanding what a successful lawn care contractor will need. Certain types of services performed, in different market sectors, are considered higher risk and can inhibit the insurance underwriting process.

It is critical to work with an experienced independent insurance agent who understands these potential road blocks. Certain processes, procedures, and internal risk controls can be implemented by the lawn care company to ease the underwriting process. This can result in lower insurance premiums, better terms, better payment plans offered, and much more.

Our goal, as a firm, is to make our clients look very attractive to our insurance partners. Lawn care contractors that have risk management practices in place, tenure in the insurance marketplace, reporting tools, and experience are much more risk adverse. By being strategic and showcasing our clients well, we can achieve all the above results for them. By lowering their perceived risk, we can obtain lower premiums.

We understand the lawn care insurance underwriting process just as our clients understand how to run a successful lawn care business. It’s a perfect match!

At Erb and Young, there is no scope of work that is too big or too small for us to help. Some of the different types of work we insure for lawn care professionals are:

  • Residential and Commercial Lawn Care
  • Residential and Commercial Landscaping and design
  • Residential and Commercial Tree Trimming
  • Residential and Commercial Irrigation
  • Residential and Commercial Pest Control
  • Residential and Commercial Fertilization
  • Residential and Commercial Arbor Care

There are a wide variety of different insurance products that help transfer risk from the lawn care professional to an insurance company. The way those insurance policies are written is more important than the type of products an operator chooses.

Working with an experienced insurance agent with Erb and Young can help quality lawn care contractors avoid large unanticipated audit expenses, high insurance premiums due to misclassification of job duties, and potential claim denials due to unintentional misrepresentation.

Give us a call and let us put the green back in your wallet today!