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Medical Insurance

With a growing and aging population moving to Orlando, Melbourne, and the surrounding Central Florida area, the demand for quality healthcare providers is on the rise. Central Florida has become one of the top places to retire in the United States – thus, quickly becoming a major hub for providers to accommodate said demand.

As a medical professional, practicing medicine is a way to give back life to people in need; a way to contribute to the world, make a difference in the community, and sustain quality of life for all different types of people. It’s a noble cause and one that carries the potential for the highest fulfillment.

A life’s work committed to the service of others.

Just as the profession carries the noblest of causes, it also carries a reciprocal amount of responsibility. After all, people’s lives and well-being are at stake. With this comes great pressure but, more specifically, great risk. The amount of liability that healthcare professionals and doctors face in today’s litigious society is staggering. Our society is quick to point blame within the medical profession and medical liability insurance premiums confirm this.

At Erb and Young, we provide affordable, cost-effective and quality property and casualty insurance for medical providers as well as access to competitive malpractice insurance programs. Prior to moving into the insurance industry, select agents at Erb and Young have over 10 years experience in the medical field providing an advantage for you, the provider, when it comes to knowing and assessing risk. This experience has helped us understand how important a quality insurance portfolio is to the success of your practice.

It can be nearly impossible for a medical professional to tell the difference between one policy and the next without the help of a true Risk Advisor with direct medical industry knowledge. The embedded value of checking the policy forms, exclusions, and definitions within the policy is critical to understanding what is covered and what is not. We are eager to serve you.


Here are a few of the niches we serve within the medical industry:

Home Health Care Companies

Durable Medical Equipment Companies

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Physician Practices

Outpatient Therapy Centers

Private Duty Companies (Activities of Daily Living or Non-Skilled Care)


Behavioral Health Hospitals


We are passionate about supporting physicians, medical executives, and medical professionals through providing low cost, quality and comprehensive insurance programs. Call us today for a free, high level risk consultation and review. Let our industry experts walk along side of you to develop and implement a strong plan to protect your life’s work.