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Chris Delbridge: Stepping into Extraordinary

February 11, 2021

Christopher Delbridge has become a rising star within the Erb and Young walls. With an unrelenting desire for personal growth, a passion for work culture connection, and a unique ability to push himself past what’s comfortable, Chris has become an example for his teammates and the community he serves.

Chris’ Erb and Young career started in late 2019, which ultimately lead him to a leadership position within the growing Melbourne marketplace. His fierce desire to build something extraordinary has become a shiny example of what’s possible through determination and grit. 

“On and off the court” Chris leads by example. Pushing himself and his teammates to become the best version of themselves. 

Chris met Brett Young and Matt Ekberg back in 2019 and a friendship developed quickly which ultimately led to an incredible working relationship.  Brought together by a love for culture, Chris talks about his longing for something more in his past careers. In this short clip he shares a little insight as to how Erb and Young was the perfect fit.

The Call for a Change

In this video, Chris shares how the culture at Erb and Young made him see everything differently.

The Culture of Erb + Young

Discipline and Focus

Chris makes it clear that his greatest learning moments have come from his failures.

How sport impacted my life

Chris talks about his life in sports and how it has effected all the other areas of his life. Running has always been an opportunity for Chris to focus on himself, take time to think and reflect, while doing some physical activity. The sport also made him challenge himself more and break the limits he placed on his body and mind.

The Power of Relationships

One of the characteristics that most marks Chris’ personality is his motivation to meet new people and connect with their purpose.

What traits do you look for in a rockstar co-worker?

Chris talks about his passion to find co-workers who have a strong desire to develop personally just as much as they are looking to develop professionally. Sharing the same value systems is a bonus that allows for a much deeper relationship. A relationship that transcends the typical 9 to 5 work day and breeds true community with a teammates.

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