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Emer Elbo: A Passion for Customer Service

February 28, 2020

Meet Emer Elbo

He’s been a Chef, a Restaurant Manager, a Massage Therapist and he’s also run a business selling military-grade kitchen equipment to the US Navy.  He is now a highly regarded Senior Agent for Personal Lines here at Erb + Young.  

Growing up in Orlando, Emer graduated high school and left to pursue a career as a chef.  He traveled to California and Las Vegas working for some of the best restaurants in the industry.  Wanting to be next to his family, he ended up back home working as a Restaurant Manager in the Italian Pavilion at Disney.  With his continuation of success he was soon promoted to open Chef Morimoto’s restaurant at Disney Springs.  

During his time at Morimoto Asia, Emer met Matt Eckberg, the Orlando Regional Leader for Personal Lines here at the company.  The two immediately bonded and their conversations around life led to the opportunity to join the Erb + Young Team.  

In this video, Emer talks about the pursuit of his passions and how they’ve impacted his decision making.

With his background in Food, Massage Therapy and Sales, there’s one common thread that weaves itself through all of them.  In this video, Emer talks about the one common denominator that is the driving force behind who he is and what he is drawn to.

Awareness and Wisdom

Emer has the unique capability of being in touch with who he is and his surroundings.  His ability to reflect and respond to his own personal journey has rewarded him with outstanding wisdom in customer service.  In this video he shares his wisdom around Temper Management and what it is.

Steps to Diffusing a Situation in Customer Service

In this video, Emer gives some step by step insight on how to approach a difficult situation in customer service.  

Recharging and Staying Grounded

Making sure he stays grounded and recharged, Emer reflects on where he’s been, his history, what he’s been given, and doesn’t miss the opportunity to count his blessings.  He also leans into one of his lifetime passions: Fishing. As a Florida native, he shares his favorite spot in the state to fish:

Describing the Erb + Young Culture

Since joining the company, Emer has been an important part of our team and his attitude and work ethic has added value to all of us and our clients. In this video we asked Emer how he would describe the culture he works in.

Last but not least, during Emer’s time as a chef and restaurant manager he developed a great amount of knowledge around wine. In the next video we asked him to share 3 types of wine for 3 separate reasons. We asked for him to offer an unapologetic affordable wine, a middle of the road and something he would buy for a special occasion. We hope you enjoy!

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