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Why work ethic is your most valuable asset in 2020

January 28, 2020

 That chip on your shoulder.


Why work ethic is your most valuable asset in 2020.

Written by: Brett Young

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Worth ethic is the most valuable asset in 2020. That chip on your shoulder has become a force to be reckoned with and now is the time to take advantage of it. It used to be that specialized knowledge, skill or talent was the great divider of professional outcomes. Today, because we live in a world of abundant information and infinite “how to” videos available on YouTube, this motivational “chip on your shoulder” has become the great divider of performance.

10 years ago, going to school for graphic design put you in a unique and specialized category. Therefore, access to this specialized knowledge was reserved to those whom could pay the high tuition price tag and set aside a couple years of study.

In 2020, anyone with a laptop has access to these same professional programs for less than $15 a month. Not to mention they have become increasingly easier to use for the normal computer user. Because of this, accessing this specialized knowledge is now as simple as typing in what you want to know how to do on YouTube After stomaching a 5 second advertisement, boom…. you are instantly a graphic design professional.


You can find a list of some of these products offered by Adobe by following the link below:

The internet is truly the great equalizer of talent and skill.

What used to take years to learn, we can now learn in minutes. We live in a 24 hour a day, on-demand education world. Google is now our professor and the teacher never sleeps. With a couple of keystrokes, and a home internet connection, we can plug into the Matrix like Neo did to learn Kungfu.


So, if talent and skill have been neutralized by this crazy thing called the internet, what is left? What is the variable that separates talent?

Work ethic makes the difference.

Although this was true from beginning of time, it is more true now than it ever has been; Work ethic makes all the difference. That chip on your shoulder that drives intense, desire filled work ethic is your most valuable asset in 2020.  You can’t ‘google ‘or ‘YouTube’ your way to ambition. With all this incredible information essentially available to anyone with a computer now, this new “open-source” information age is a playground for those whom have a ridiculous work ethic. That chip on your shoulder that has driven you to ‘prove something’ to the world is your greatest asset in 2020.

The person that is willing to access the information, apply it, and do this over the longest period of time wins. This has always been true, but up to this point, the biggest variable to this equation has been the ‘access’ to the information. Today, that is no longer the case.

As you make your way through your journey of achievement in 2020, remember that everything is within reach now. It’s simply your job to reach out and grab it. Remember that this truth is now a reality for everyone, not just you. Meaning, it’s never been easier to win, but it’s also never been more competitive. Use your greatest asset this year and deploy insane work ethic by embracing that chip on your shoulder. Your future-self will thank you.


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