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TIME: What it really takes to build wealth…

September 7, 2021

It takes money to make money…

False. This statement is one of my all time least favorites.

It is simply misleading and does not paint a proper picture of what it actually takes to build wealth. It does not empower the reader as it makes them feel as if building wealth is only for the elite, or the “haves”.

I would offer that, “it takes time to make money”. Time is our most valuable resource on this earth and it just so happens to be the only thing that is equal in this life. Each of us have 24 hours in a day, period. What we do with our time,  influences what decisions we make, which impacts our quality of life.

Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest men to walk this planet, said the following regarding how he created his wealth. “Three things: Living in America for the great opportunities…having good genes so I lived a long time…and compound interest.”

This is profound in its simplicity.

Can money, make money? Sure. Yet, what is ironic is that for money to make money passively it typically requires a long time horizon. The day traders of the world are spending their time making decisions or bets  for a return, but they have to keep spending the time actively trading to keep making that return. They are trading time for money, too.

Time also has less objective risk initially. Especially when you do not have an investing strategy with predictable and proven results.  Once you gain that type of strategy, then by all means, put your money to work. Throw gasoline on the fire.

But, lets get that fire going first with our work, ingenuity, and skill sets.

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