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Filing Business Insurance Claims

September 7, 2017

Here is some important information on Filing Business Insurance Claims:


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To report a claim, please find your Insurance carrier on the list below and contact them directly to start the claims process. They will help you through the entire claims process.

Business Damaged from Hurricane Harvey.

When Should You File a Business Insurance Claim?

First, be sure to call for emergency services if someone is injured, there is severe damage, or if there is an ongoing hazard. Complete the required police reports and be sure to retain a copy of any reports for your own records and for your insurance company.

Then immediately after you know that everyone is safe, you should file your business insurance claims. Any delay in filing a claim with your insurance company can delay the claims process and the time it takes to receive funds. You should make a comprehensive report of the damages to your own business property as well as damages to any third-party assets in the incident.

Contact Information to File a Claim

Hartford Flood Claims Department

• File a Claim
• Claims Questions and Support

Phone:  (800) 759-8656
FAX:     (866) 528-3252

Guard Insurance Company

1-888-NEW-CLMS (1-888-639-2567)

Hamilton Insurance Company

Chief Resolution Officer, Melissa Hill at +1 (609) 349 7740

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Philadelphia Insurance Companies
1.800.765.9749 (phone)
1.800.685.9238 (fax)

Canopius US Insurance Inc.

Evanston Insurance Company

General Star Indemnity Company

Hudson Insurance Company/Hudson Specialty


Lexington Insurance Company

Scottsdale Insurance Company

If you are seeking a new business insurance policy that will help you recover from accidents, injuries and other business risks, an Erb and Young Insurance agent specializing in commercial insurance can help you with that process. Choosing an independent agent means you will have an advocate who will take the time to get to know your business and review all of your coverage needs. Best of all, because your Erb and Young Insurance agents works with multiple insurance companies, your agent can meet each of your coverage needs out of one office to save you time and money.

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