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How Corporate Culture Impacted These Two Women

February 4, 2020

In May of 2018, our company had the opportunity to expand into the Melbourne market with the acquisition of another agency.  Whenever something like this happens, there’s a lot of unforeseen circumstances; two company’s in the same industry with two different cultures and two different ways of doing things.

The foundation of everything we do is grounded in our culture.  It is a combination of personal development and teamwork, and is the driving force that has led us to serve our clients at the highest level possible while providing a roadmap to move the needle forward in our own lives and careers.

Meet Amanda & Danielle

Amanda and Danielle were employees of the previous organization and were fairly new to the industry.  Amanda, a former hair stylist and Danielle, a former welder, worked in the same office, but were worlds apart when it came to knowing each other. In this video, the two talk about finding out about the acquisition and how it effected them.

Erb + Young’s First Visit

With the unknown in front of them, the day came where Brett Young, Rod Erb and Taylor Young arrived to Melbourne to meet the staff.  Amanda and Danielle share that moment in this video.

The Introduction

Walking Into a New Environment

In this video, Amanda talks about coming back to work 6 weeks after having her baby and 6 weeks since the date of the acquisition.  Walking into a new environment and still a lot unknown, she begins to experience a different team atmosphere and culture.

How the Summit Changed Everything

With the Erb + Young Summit coming in October, Amanda and Danielle continued to acclimate into the new culture with the anticipation of what’s to come.  Little did they know everything was about to change.

What is the Erb + Young Summit?

The Erb + Young Summit is a deep dive into personal development both personally and professionally for those inside the culture of our brand.  It’s an experiential event designed to educate and inspire, and at the same time, draw the team closer while celebrating our victories.

A Culture Worth Protecting

Since their first Summit, a lot has changed.  In this video, Amanda and Danielle talk about whats changed at the Melbourne office and how they plan to protect it.

What Does Team Means to Us?

In this last video, Amanda & Danielle share what a Team means to them.


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