Two Factors to consider when obtaining General Liability Insurance

Orlando and the Central Florida area are not exempt from a being part of a society that has become increasingly more litigious, and even small slipups can result in a hefty lawsuit. Therefore, general liability insurance is critical for Business Owners to obtain as part of protecting their companies. This type of insurance protects a company’s assets if it is sued for causing property damage or personal injury.

You can purchase general liability on its own or as part of a business owner’s policy. Business owners must weigh many factors when they decide on how much coverage their business needs.  But there are two major factors to consider when obtaining General Liability Insurance

The first major factor is their perceived risk. They need to consider the amount of risk associated with their particular type of business. For example, a construction company will carry a much greater risk of being sued for personal injury than a Marketing Agency. Therefore, a construction company would need more liability insurance.

The second major factor to consider is their company’s location. Some districts have a history of awarding high damage amounts to plaintiffs claiming personal injury. Businesses that operate in such areas should carry liability insurance with higher coverage limits. You should consult with an Erb and Young agent for more guidance in this area.

Erb and Young provides General Liability Insurance

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