Why You Should NOT Get Cheap Florida Auto Insurance

Everyone is looking for ways to save money and that is why many will search online for “Cheap Florida Auto Insurance”. Yet, going with the cheapest deal in Florida Auto Insurance most likely will not give you the overall protection, lower deductible and have other benefits that are best for your circumstances. In this blog, we are going to discuss why Florida auto insurance policies need to be considered as part of your overall asset protection plan that fits into your budget and provides you peace mind because you know that you have the right protection in place. 

Erb and Young Insurance offers a complimentary asset overview and policy evaluation.


To start with, Florida has one of the lowest minimum liability requirements for vehicle owners for states within the United States. This creates a problem for homeowners and those with a higher net worth that just focus just on getting a “good deal” or “cheap auto insurance” coverage that is too low to offer proper protection. For those that have nothing to lose going with state minimums may make sense.  For everyone else, just going online to get “cheap auto insurance” could have devastating consequences.  “You get what you pay for” is not just a cliché.  

Erb and Young Insurance agents enjoy working with those that understand the importance of focusing more on risk management and asset protection, and they are taking a hands-on approach to their finances. “We are here to protect your wealth from complex property and liability exposures,” Explains Susan Erb, Vice-President of Erb and Young Insurance.

The primary reason that an individual or a company pays for Florida auto insurance is to provide financial protection against bodily injury and/or physical damage resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise from such a situation. Florida has many visitors and older drivers from out of state and those that are on vacation from other countries. This creates a unique challenge for Florida residents that share roads with drivers that have differences in vision, fitness and flexibility, and reaction time. This also brings us back to the idea that Florida has one of lowest minimum liability requirements for vehicle owners. It is a fact that many drivers on the roads in Florida have no insurance or they are underinsured.  Unfortunately, this continues to be a growing problem due to lay-offs and the financial hardships of those affected by the recession.

With those points in mind, most Florida drivers that are also homeowners should have their auto insurance policy reviewed as part of a complete and customized asset protection plan because there is a risk of nonpayment in car accidents and having the appropriate auto insurance for your protection is the best way to protect you from this risk having a devastating impact on your finances. Also, personal financial responsibility laws are inadequate to remedy the risk of nonpaying, at-fault, drivers.

 Florida Auto Insurance protects you if you're in an accident.

The photograph above was taken on Interstate 4 not far from the Erb and Young Insurance office a few months ago. Accidents like that one happen just about every day on I-4, I-95 and so many other roads that our clients drive on every day. Focused on the Relationship, not the Transaction is so much more than just a slogan for our Insurance agents. We care about our clients enough to take the time to make sure that they understand all their options and that they have Florida Auto Insurance that not only fits their budget but provides them peace mind because they know they have the right protection in place.

Erb and Young Insurance agents work hard to exceed the expectations our clients with products and services for those that have more to protect. As an independent insurance agency we will research and discuss the most comprehensive coverage and innovative pricing options with you.

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