What You Should Know About Florida Homeowners Insurance Deductibles

Florida Homeowners Insurance deductibles are a part of every policy. The deductibles represent your out-of-pocket expenses should you have a loss. It can either be a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the total amount of insurance on a policy. Making sure you understanding the role deductibles play when insuring your Florida condo or home is an important part of the job of your Erb and Young Insurance Agent.


Our blogs and short Youtube videos are designed to give our clients and referral partners an insiders understanding of the insurance industry and related topics. We hope that this blog article will help you to understand the two different Florida Homeowners Insurance Deductibles

Many Florida Homeowners have questions about deductibles and why there are two. Yes, for Florida Homeowners there are two deductibles:

1) Hurricane Deductible

In hurricane prone states, like Florida, where there is a greater risk of a named hurricane, special deductibles apply for homeowners insurance claims when the cause of damage is the result of being in the path of a named hurricane. Florida homeowners insurance “Hurricane” deductibles are can be high and usually take the form of a percentage of the policy limits.

Most Florida homeowners policies have a 2% hurricane deductible. For example, a home is insured at $200,000 Dwelling Coverage with a 2% hurricane deductible would mean that the homeowner would be responsible for the first $4,000 of the damages caused by a named hurricane.

2) All Other Perils (AOP)

This deductible affects any claim paid out for “All Other Perils, that is other than a Hurricane. This would be your deductible on losses covered under your policy: such as a loss from fire, theft, or vandalism. 

When a homeowner needs to replace personal possessions and/or do repairs to their home after a “hurricane” or “anything else” aka All Other Perils (AOP) that causes a loss, usually the amount of the deductible would be paid by the homeowner.

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