What Every Home Owner in Florida Should Know About Sinkholes

Erb and Young Insurance is here to help you make informed decisions when it comes to anything that can threaten the well being of you, your family and your assets — like the potential for a sinkhole occurrence in Florida.

What are Sinkholes?

They are karst features, formed by the dissolving of the underlying rock, usually Ocala limestone. Because the Floridan peninsula is underlain by a continuous sequence of limestones, these unique geologic and hydraulic conditions have caused sinkholes to appear throughout Florida and especially in the Central Florida region. Sinkholes occur when ground water builds up and dissolves minerals into the earth, creating a hole underground that eventually becomes so large that the land on top caves in. Sinkholes have been known to run more than 100 feet deep.

The Making of a Sinkhole in Central Florida

Why be concerned about Sinkholes?

When the ground collapses into sinkholes they have caused failures and losses of building and properties, damage to utilities and roadways, and ground water contamination.

In Florida, because of the unique geologic and hydraulic conditions, sinkholes appear almost everywhere, especially in the Central Florida area. Yes, the greater Orlando area sinkhole collapses has become a serious problem. In 1981, there were over 300 sinkhole incidents reported. The one on May 8, 1981 was a sinkhole in Winter Park that was approximately 320 feet in diameter, with estimated damage of more than two million dollars’ worth of property. Another sinkhole in Deltona, Fla., in 2004 devoured homes in its path, stretching to 225 feet. More recently, on May 3rd, 2012 a sinkhole opened up in West Orange County and a Windermere-area family had been forced out of their home.

Many sinkholes collapse every year, especially during the drought, cold, and extremely wet seasons. This potential for a sinkhole occurrence will continue to be a threat for Central Florida home owners and have a negative impact on land development and construction.


The National Corvette Museum has released security videos of the moment that a sinkhole began opening up underneath the facility, claiming the first two of eight cars that would eventually be damaged by it.

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