‘Tis the Season to Drive Safely

We encourage all to drive safely this Holiday Season, so that you and your loved ones may enjoy a Happy New Year. With less than a month left in 2013, this is the time of year when friends and family gather to celebrate. However you celebrate this holiday season, make sure that it’s a happy and safe one.
Season's Greetings from Orlando - Drive Safely

Are family gatherings and holiday parties filling up your social calendar? Please, Drive Safely!


Keep in mind that an increase in alcohol and drug-related accidents occur during this time of year. It is no coincidence that the busiest and most dangerous time to drive occurs between the end of November and the first week of January. In fact, 38 percent of all traffic fatalities during this time of year occurred in crashes involving a drunk driver or motorcycle rider. That is why our team at Erb and Young Insurance encourage all to drive safely this Holiday Season.

Seven Holiday Party Planning Tips

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, planning is integral to driving safely or hosting a safe party during the holidays. Therefore, whether you are hosting or attending a Holiday Party, consider these seven tips to help keep you and your guests safe:

  1. If you are planning to enjoy alchoholic beverages at a Holiday Party, then it is important to designate someone else to drive whom you can trust to stay sober before you head out for the evening or simply plan to take a taxi.
  2. Remember to offer and eat plenty of food while attending events where you or your guests will be enjoying alchoholic beverages. 
  3. Keep hydrated by drinking and offering your guests plenty of water. Sparking water with lime is a great alternative to having an alcoholic beverage.
  4. Upon greeting your guests, know how your coworkers, friends and family will be getting home and if they have already arranged a designated driver.
  5. Hire a professional bartender or designate a person you trust to know how many drinks your guests have consumed and how strong they were. Give them authority to set limits for those who have had too much to drink. 
  6. Make sure that your guests know early on that you are planning to call a taxi for anyone that may have had too much to drink and that you will not let them get behind the wheel.
  7. Stop serving alcoholic drinks and begin to serve coffee and dessert at least an hour before the party ends to give your guests time to sober up.
Holiday Party Tip - Drive Safely

To help make sure that this holiday season is a joyful and peaceful one, keep in mind these tips and be especially careful driving at night. Remember to always buckle up, drive safely and keep a safe distance from other drivers to make this season a safe one for you and your loved ones.

If you plan on being in the Orlando Florida area for the Holiday Season, keep in mind that this area has more than it’s fair share of car accidents on I-4, the 408 and in the Attraction areas, such as Walt Disney World, Sea World and Universal Resort and Theme Parks. We wish you happy and safe driving wherever you may find yourself. Meanwhile, please keep these seven tips in mind as you hope for the best and prepare for the situations that you could possibly face as a Florida Driver, such as being involved in a car accident. Check out our previous blog to learn the Seven Things You Should Do Before and After a Car Accident.

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