Seven Ways to Prepare Your Business For Hurricane Season

Here are Seven Ways to Prepare your Business For Hurricane Season

What should I do to ensure my employees will be safe? How will my operations, revenue, shareholder value, and brand reputation make it through? In Central Florida, it is important that we prepare and protect our properties and families throughout this hurricane season. Here are seven tips that you can use to weather the upcoming storms.

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1) Learn how your local government handles emergencies by contacting your local American Red Cross chapter or local Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

2) Assemble a Hurricane Survival Kit NOW! Obtain emergency supplies now to be self-sufficient during the storm and its potentially lengthy aftermath. If you wait until a hurricane is on your doorstep to buy these items, they will be in very short supply or even completely unavailable.

3) Test emergency equipment such as generators and flashlights.

4) Keep vehicles filled with gas.

5) Review your written emergency preparedness and action plan with your family and employees. With a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan in place, you can protect your most valuable assets – your people, property and vehicles.

6) Make an evacuation plan if you live in an area vulnerable to storm surge or fresh water flooding. Identify the evacuation route that is best for you and your staff. Have your map, contact information and plan in your vehicles.

7) Contact your Erb and Young Insurance agent to review your Commercial Insurance policies. We will review your paperwork to ensure you’re covered for certain circumstances that may result in damage to your Central Florida Business and Properties.

Making informed decisions and taking responsible actions now will help you to maintain, protect and enhance the value of your personal and business properties.

Erb and Young are Independent insurance agents that work with multiple insurance companies to bring you personalized solutions and service for your insurance needs. Talk to an Erb and Young agent to determine if you would like us to customize a Florida Insurance policy that is right for you and your budget.

Erb and Young offers a complimentary asset overview and policy evaluation that will save you time and money. Call Erb and Young Insurance to get started today at 321-234-1690.

Do You have proper Commercial Insurance? Owners of Businesses we’ve got you covered!

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