Seven Things To Do Before and After a Car Accident

Hundreds of Florida drivers are involved in a Car Accident every week. In fact, the Orlando Florida area has more it’s fair share of car accidents on I-4, the 408 and in the Attraction areas, such as Walt Disney World, Sea World and Universal Resort and Theme Parks. We wish you happy and safe driving wherever you may find yourself. Meanwhile, please keep these seven things in mind as you hope for the best and prepare for the situations that you could possibly face as a Florida Driver, such as being involved in a car accident.

Seven Things You Should Do Before and After a Car Accident


#1 Know What is Covered in Your Insurance Policy

Before doing anything else, it is important to know what is covered in your insurance policy. Are you fully covered for ambulance trips, tow trucks, or rental cars? Check your automoble insurance policies for specifics and contact an Erb and Young Insurance Agent to request extra coverage today for those essentials you will most likely need covered if you are injured in a car accident or your vehicle is not drivable.

#2 Create an Emergency Preparedness Kit Now!

Many have found that by taking simple steps like keeping an emergency preparedness kit in there vehicles can help them survive the aftermath of a car accident. You will also be in a better position to help someone else.

What sould you have in your emergency-preparedness kit?

Prepare now by having a stocked emergency supply kit.

Prepare now by having a stocked emergency supply kit.

Keep a first aid kit as a part of your emergency preparedness kit. The first priority for you is maintaining hydration. It is easy to pack a case of 16 small drink boxes of water, such as Aqua Blox, which comes in 8-ounce containers. For food, high-calorie energy and protein bars are great solutions. For example, the ER Emergency Food Bar claims to provide 72 hours of nutrition with a shelf life of five years. Be sure to pack a flashlight, and glow sticks. To help keep you dry, pack a waterproof poncho with a hood. Also, a plastic whistle works much better then shouting for help.

Other items for your Emergency Preparedness Kit

  • Insurance Information
  • Important Contact Names and Numbers
  • Medical information card – detailing insurance numbers, allergies and other conditions.
  • Disposable camera
  • Road cones
  • Emergency flares
  • Blanket and/or large beach towel
  • A small backpack with food and water in the event you need to leave the car and set out on foot.

#3 Stay Calm and with your Vehicle

It is usually best not to move your car until instructed to do so by a law enforcement individual. As long as you are not going to be in harms way, it is usually safer to just remain in your vehicle with seat belts fastened and hazard lights turned on until help arrives. Keep in mind that if you are in the middle of the road, but you don’t have any serious injuries and your vehicle is still operable, it may be best to drive your vehicle to the side of the road to avoid another accident.

#4 Call the police and / or 911

As soon as you can call the police and/or 911 to report the accident and any injuries.

Florida Auto Insurance protects you if you're in an accident.

#5 Gather Information and take pictures

Try to gather as much information as possible. Ask the other driver, if you can exchange driver information such as: name, address, phone numbers, driver license, license plate number and insurance company and policy number. Also, write down a description of the vehicles: make, model, and color. If you can, take pictures of the road conditions, damaged areas of the vehicles involved, and other details that need to be documented.

#6 Do Not Share Opinions – Share only the facts, your driver license and insurance information with the other driver and the police.

Keep in mind, that at the time of an accident you may not be aware of all the details related to how the accident happened and the extent of the damage or injuries. It is important to let the police and insurance companies do their jobs and use their tools to come to a conclusion. You do not want to share opinions and / or admit to something while you are in a state of shock or while you are upset.

#7 Contact Your Insurance Agent

Even what might seem to be only a small fender-bender can result in major damage to your vehicle that will be revealed later on – like a bent car frame – so contact your insurance agent as soon as possible or you might be without coverage when you really need it.

We hope that this information will help you to be prepared for a car accident. It is best to contact your Erb and Young Insurance Agent to make sure that you have the right coverage for your circumstances. Erb and Young Insurance offers Free Insurance reviews and specializes in creating customized insurance policies. By going over the big picture and analysing the fine print, we will make sure that you have the right coverage to keep you and your assets protected by an insurance policy that is the right fit for you.

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