How to Have a Hassle-Free Homeowners Insurance Claim Process

Erb and Young Insurance wants you to have an easy and hassle-free homeowners insurance claim process. Taylor Young shares some tips to help make sure that happens.

Our blogs and short Youtube videos are designed to give our clients and referral partners an insiders understanding of the insurance industry and related topics. We hope that this blog article will help you to have a hassle-free homeowners insurance claim process.

Documentation will help you have a hassle-free homeowners insurance claim process

Take photos and video of your homes interior, exterior, your valuables, furniture, and artwork NOW. Then should something happen, document with video and a new set of photographs for the insurance company. It would be best to store these photos in a cloud based photo storage such as dropbox, iCloud, or google drive.

A Policy that includes the proper coverage will help you have a hassle-free homeowners insurance claim process.

As dog owners, it is important to be aware of the risks and liabilities. Your Erb and Young Insurance Agent is here to make sure that you have peace of mind through providing you with the right insurance coverage and to let you know which breeds may be viewed as “higher risks”. reports: “Of the 800,000 annual dog bites that require medical attention in the USA, more than half of the victims are children, and more than half of the child-victims are bitten on the face. The medical costs and other losses stemming from a bite to the face ranges from the tens of thousands of dollars to the hundreds of thousands. Imagine the effect of a $100,000 judgment upon a homeowner: he literally could lose his house. That is why homeowners insurance without protection against dog bites is an illusion. Your house is not fully covered, because with one snap of your dog’s jaws, you can lose it — unless your policy protects you.” Learn More

It is vital to have the right Homeowners Insurance, because there is always the possibility that your property or home will be damaged or you will get sued for someone’s injuries. Every home owner needs to know what their Homeowners’ Insurance policy covers and what is not covered. That is why it is essential for Homeowners to take the time with an experienced insurance agent when the policy is first being written, or revised. Many have remained unaware of risk factors until they have something happen. This has lead to financial loss and personal embarrassment.

homeowners insurance claim process

Are you covered? Follow these tips on how to have a hassel-free homeowners insurance claim process.

For more information and to get answers to specific insurance questions, please contact an Erb and Young Insurance Agent. Your Erb and Young Insurance agent will provide you with exceptional service, rates and a FREE professional consultation. We focus on the relationship, not the transaction. Since we’re independent agents, our allegiance lies with our clients, not the insurance companies. We want you to avoid overpaying for a policy that is not providing the right coverage for your current circumstances.

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