Homeowners Insurance: What You Need to Know

It is vital to have the right Homeowners Insurance, because there is always the possibility that your property or home will be damaged or you will get sued for someone’s injuries. Every home owner needs to know what their Homeowners’ Insurance policy covers and what is not covered. That is why it is essential for Homeowners to take the time with an experienced insurance agent when the policy is first being written, or revised. Many have remained unaware of risk factors until they have something happen. This has lead to financial loss and personal embarrassment. 

Many not aware of exclusions in insurance policy

Standard homeowners’ insurance policies will usually cover some types of personal liability. It is an important that you know what, where and how much is covered in your Homeowners Insurance policy. You don’t want to lose your house to pay someone’s medical bills or to repair damages, if someone is hurt on your property or damage is caused by your pet or a family member.

The hazard portion of a homeowners’ insurance policy will normally protect personal items which includes your furnishings, as well as any other structures on the property, such as a pool or separate garage. With that stated, you need to know that most homeowners’ insurance policies’ hazard coverage doesn’t include business equipment, damage caused by some natural disasters, or loss of jewelry or fine art that is valued over a certain dollar amount. That is why it is important to discuss adding additional insurance coverage if your house is in a high-risk area for floods, wind damage, fire, or other natural disasters or if you have a pool enclosure, costly electronic equipment, expensive jewelry, fine art, or high-priced business equipment in your home.

Insurance for Pool enclosure damage

For more information on homeowners’ insurance, please contact an Erb and Young Insurance Agent. Your Erb and Young Insurance agent will provide you with exceptional service, rates and a FREE professional consultation. We focus on the relationship, not the transaction. Since we’re independent agents, our allegiance lies with our clients, not the insurance companies. We want you to avoid overpaying for a policy that is not providing the right coverage for you. Also, we want you to gain the benefits of knowing and being known by your Erb and Young Insurance agent.

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