Florida Homeowners Insurance – Get the right coverage!

Obtaining the best homeowners insurance in Florida can be a daunting task. Central Florida homeowners deal with an unprecedented amount of natural disasters almost on an annual basis. In the state of Florida heavy wind, hail, thunderstorms, massive amounts of rain, and hurricane damage account for the majority of the claims. An experienced Erb and Young agent that will present you with the most affordable options that provide the right coverage for your particular Orlando area home.

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Erb and Young can provide you with insurance quotes from companies offering Florida home insurance. The state of Florida might be a difficult place to purchase home insurance, but be assured Erb and Young is here to assist you with obtaining the best rates, and protecting your home from anything that comes its way. As a good home insurance provider we offer assistance with reducing annual premiums. We may even suggest surveys or improvements to your home in order to reduce your insurance costs.

The type of home insurance policy you choose should largely depend on the circumstances your home will face every day. A typical homeowners policy will cover eleven types of disasters, including explosions, riots, wind, aircraft, fire, lightning, volcanic eruptions, auto accidents, vandalism, theft, smoke, and structural accidents. Different policies include condo insurance, which would protect only the interior of the home, including the sheetrock walls, light fixtures, and cosmetics of the home, but not the foundation or structural elements.

If you already have home owners insurance, an Erb and Young insurance agent can look through your paperwork to ensure you’re covered for certain circumstances that may result in damage to your Central Florida Home. With all the risks associated with owning in a home in the Orlando Florida area and with the ever-increasing cost of home insurance coverage, Erb and Young will research your options so that we offer you the most cost-effective policy that fits your budget and meets your needs.

Erb and Young are Independent insurance agents that work with multiple insurance companies to bring you personalized solutions and service for your homeowner’s insurance needs. Talk to an Erb and Young agent to determine if you would like us to customize a Florida Insurance policy that is the right fit for you and your budget.

Erb and Young offers a complimentary asset overview and policy evaluation designed to save you time and money. Call Erb and Young Insurance to get started today at 321-234-1690.

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