Car Insurance Renewal Time?

When renewal time for your car insurance rolls around, it’s very easy to just go ahead, pay the premium and stick with the same insurer year after year. “Yet, that could be a costly mistake. Although tenure and longevity with an insurance carrier is an important factor, it might not be worth paying a significant amount more if better options are available. Switching car insurance could save you a large amount of money and it makes a lot of sense to review this expense item every couple years,” explains Brett Young.

“This team has been so helpful on my family’s auto and home insurance! They actually increased coverage and found savings of over $2,000 a year. Thanks Erb & Young!!!” Diana Hernandez Read more testimonials

Get More Than One Choice

As Independent Insurance Agents, our allegiance lies with YOU – our client, not the “One Choice” insurance companies. With your best interest in mind we offer you many choices from many different Insurance Carriers – ALL at One Place at One Time… so you can go on with your life knowing that you have the Right Car Insurance for YOU!

Car Insurance renewal time is when you should contact your Erb and Young Insurance Agent.

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At Erb and Young Insurance we take a consultative approach and make recommendations based on your specific circumstances at this time, including your assets, risk tolerance and your budget. If you aren’t sure what type of things you should consider, get help today by working with an experienced  Erb and Young insurance agent.

As Independent Insurance Agents, we work with multiple insurance companies to bring you personalized solutions to meet your insurance needs.

Our agents are experts at providing you with customized coverage for all your vehicles, from passenger type automobiles, pickups, vans and trucks to your motorcycles. At Erb and Young Insurance we take into account the many factors that have a bearing on what coverage will best fit your automotive insurance needs. Do you own you vehicles outright or are they financed or leased, your household salary, how much in savings and equity that you have to protect, your personal and business assets all need to be taken into consideration.

Erb and Young Insurance for Florida Drivers

Generally, the higher your salary and net worth, the more you stand to lose if you are ever found liable for an accident. The more assets you have, the more coverage you might need to consider as a part of your policy. Having the right Car Insurance policy protects you against economic disaster should an accident result in injuries or property damage.

Do you have children that are at or approaching the driving age? Teenagers and young adults are generally more inexperienced drivers and can present a greater risk on the road. Higher risk factors can impact your rates and have a bearing on the coverage that will best protect you and your family’s assets.

Concerned about the deductable? Deductibles are applicable to certain coverages, such as comprehensive and collision coverages. In the event of a loss, the deductible is the amount that you must pay out-of-pocket and a higher deductible could lower your premium. How much you willing to pay out-of-pocket now and in the future is relevant to having a policy that meets your specific circumstances.

Should you have medical payment coverage? Your Car Insurance policy can include medical payment coverage for you and your passengers. If you don’t have your own health insurance, you should consider purchasing some type of medical payments coverage on your policy.

These are just some of the questions that have a bearing on your rates and coverage needs. Contact Erb and Young Insurance to schedule a policy evaluation that is designed to get you great car insurance. Let us save you time and money. We look forward to being of service, call us now at 321-234-1690.

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