3 Sure-fire Ways to Gain More Referrals

In this article you will learn 3 Sure-fire ways to gain more referrals. For Erb and Young Insurance, part of our new business development strategy is developing meaningful connections with our referral partners.  This business strategy has been used by successful Business Owners and Sales Professionals for years. We hope that these business tips will be of value to you in gaining more referral opportunities.

As the current economy is forcing businesses to reduce advertising and marketing budgets, more and more professionals are trying to develop new clients through word-of-mouth referrals. Many widely referred professionals do very little when it comes to traditional advertising. Their happy clients and actively engaged referral partners account for a great deal of their new business opportunities.  

It is vital that we master the skills necessary to be successful in developing personal and emotional connections, both with clients and referral partners.  Here are your three sure-fire ways for achieving success — without a huge budget — by gaining more referrals.

1. Give TWO Business Cards to Everyone You Meet.

Don’t leave home without them! Be prepared with your Business card holder, a small note pad and pen. Write out at least a couple different brief (30 to 60 seconds) introductory message or Elevator Pitches. Practice until you are comfortable and then start offering to be a resource to everyone you meet.

Business Networking Picture

Always be prepared with an elevator pitch and business cards.

What to include in your Elevator Pitch:

    • Your name and tile
    • Your occupation
    • Your core competencies  
    • What kind of services you offer
    • What opportunity you would like
    • Where you want that opportunity

Here is a sample script:

“My name is John Smith, I am a successful Real Estate Agent with 7 years’ experience in the Orlando market and I offer a no-obligation buyer-counseling session that covers the current market conditions and an overview of the purchase process.

I am looking for an opportunity to present at a Home Owners Association Meeting.

My target communities are Windermere, Bay Hill, Doctor Phillips and Celebration.

Would you do me a favor? Take a couple of my cards and keep me in mind when you have any questions or an opportunity for me to be of service.”

2. Be active in a Networking Group. There are many options from Coffee Clubs to BNI. Find one that is a good fit for you and start looking for ways to give referrals to those in your group. This will help you to gain trust, appreciation and referrals.

3. Establish Yourself as a Go-To Professional in your Field. Set aside time each week to research market trends and other insights that are of value to your potential clients and referral sources.

For Erb and Young Insurance, part of delivering a great customer experience means developing personal and emotional connections, both with clients and referral partners. These are the types of connections people talk about with their colleagues, friends and family. We hope these tips will help you to build stronger connections and gain more referrals.

Please, keep us in mind when you have questions and remember that Erb and Young offers a complimentary asset overview and policy evaluation that will save you time and money. Call Erb and Young Insurance to get started today at 321-234-1690.


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